Adams+Fairway Brings Instagram Challenge To Outdoor

Outdoor ad firm Adams+Fairway is donating more than 700 billboards in 21 states to display the renderings of lettering artists initially designed as part of an Instagram competition.

The designs came from digital type design platform Goodtype’s #goodtypetuesday challenge, in which lettering artists and illustrators from around the world were asked what they would put on a billboard. Entries were posted to Goodtype’s Instagram page, where nearly one million lettering professionals and enthusiasts discover and connect with one another.
Adams+Fairway discovered the challenge and offered to post submissions with the best design, legibility, and messaging. Twenty-two designs were chosen by designers from 11 US states and eight other countries.
“It’s always inspiring for us as advertising artists to see and share exceptional creative design, particularly those skills related to lettering,” said Todd Turner, Adams+Fairway’s National Creative Director. “When we saw these beautiful designs and the passion behind the craft, we had to make it real.” 
Turner added, “The messages are positive, encouraging, and heart -warming. The world needs more positivity right now, and we think this campaign can help.”



The artists came up with designs to express thoughts such as “All Feelings Are Valid,” and “Smile, Somebody Thinks Yer Cute.”
The lettering art will remain on the donated billboards through September 23.


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