Report: Location-Based Marketing Drives Customer Growth

The majority of location-based advertisers in a recent poll said the technique led to more customers as well as deeper knowledge about their customers’ needs and interests. 

The poll was conducted by Lawless Research on behalf of location-based data firm Factual. 

The survey also found that nearly all location data buyers (95%) agree that data transparency is an indicator of data quality and helps to validate data and avoid fraud.

More than 8 out of 10 surveyed said  location-based advertising and marketing also led to higher response rates and customer engagement. 

Seventy percent or more of the location-based marketers in the survey have also seen improved ROI and increased awareness.

Advertisers typically rely on location data for ad targeting (65%), location-based offers (49%) and customer experience or personalization (47%). More than 4 out of 10 marketers are also leveraging location data to engage audiences, market to influencers and measure advertising effectiveness. 



"Location has been proven to grow the size of customer bases, generate higher response rates and actively increase consumer engagement,” said Ocean Fine, VP, agencies, strategic partnerships, Factual. “In short, location leads to more powerful marketing." 

The full survey and report can be accessed here.


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