Consumers, Executives Have Different Takes On AI

As artificial intelligence enters the market through more products and services, some gaps are starting to appear.

Some of these are between the organizations implementing AI-enabled use cases and the customers who use them.

For example, the cost of implementation is the most important factor for organizations while deciding on AI-enabled use cases and the least important is solving known consumer pain points.

Those are among the findings in a 10-country survey of executives in 525 companies, conducted by Capgemini. The findings are included in a report including a survey of 10,000 consumers in the same countries.

While most (62%) executives say the cost of implementation is the most important factor when deciding on AI-enabled projects, only 7% list solving known consumer pain points as an important factor.

In addition, the majority (66%) of consumers want to know whether they are having interactions enabled by artificial intelligence, while only 33% of executives believe this to be the case.

Gaps such as these are just bumps in the AI-road and are likely to close over time.



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