Vailmail Launches Product To Block Impersonation Emails

Valimail has developed an email fraud protection product designed to block impersonation emails, the firm announced on Wednesday.

Valimail Defend is an automated, identity-driven solution that blocks attacks, including "friendly" attacks from spoofing and lookalike-domains — also known as cousin-domain emails — the firm says. 

The new product, which set for wide availability in Q3, is built on the Valimail IDEA platform and relies on the firm’s machine-learning analytics.

The company seeks to “build a foundational trust layer for email that complements existing filtering and training solutions,” states Valimail CEO and co-founder Alexander García-Tobar.

Valimail’s solutions do not require access to the content of the email, the company says 

Vivek Raman, director of engineering at Yelp, states that “Valimail has “saved us countless employee hours compared with other approaches.”





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