SendGrid Debuts Dynamic Content For Transactional Emails

SendGrid has introduced dynamic content or email templates, a product that will allow marketers to deliver one-to-one transactional email messages, the firm announced on Tuesday.

Marketers can use the templates to customize transactional emails at scale, based on demographics, location, product preferences and other variables, and to include relevant content with receipts and tracking numbers, the firm says.

Transactional emails typically include product recommendations, password resets, time-sensitive purchase receipts and registration confirmations.

The personalization templates provide native support for the Handlebars syntax templating engine, enabling developers to safely change templates without redeploying code, SendGrid adds.

“To create more engaging digital conversations, email messages should be more like human communications, completely in sync with the needs and connected to the context of each individual,” said Steve Sloan, chief product officer at SendGrid.

Jeff Kalikstein, VP of Engineering at Silvercar, adds that SendGrid’s “dynamic templating functionality has empowered us to migrate all runtime email functionality out of legacy systems.”




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