Samsung Intros IoT 'Air Dresser' For Clothes

Samsung has introduced an internet-connected premium clothing management system called Air Dresser.

The air dresser has a clean function that removes dust and odor from clothes by wind and steam power.  

“Clean air is sprayed strongly inside and outside the garment to remove fine dust from every corner of the garment in just 25 minutes,” states the announcement by Samsung.

The dust is captured in a filter inside the machine and a smartphone notification is sent when the filter needs changing.

The air dresser works with the Samsung SmartThings app, which also can store a person’s clothing list, created when a consumer scans the bar code on the label attached to a garment.

The dresser, which comes in four different colors, will be priced between $1,600 and $1,800, according to Samsung.

"Samsung Electronics has been leading the market with product innovation, IoT leadership and lifestyle of millennial generation that have not been in the world,” stated Samsung Electronics CEO Hyun Suk Kim. "We will open the era of clean clothing and change the lifestyle of consumers."

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