'The Cut,' Merch by Amazon Team For T-Shirt Line Campaign

New York Media is partnering with Amazon’s print-on-demand platform, Merch by Amazon, to launch a street marketing campaign for its T-shirt line, borne from the magazine’s standalone style site, theCut.

The Cutlaunched a store for the line on Amazon in April. The Merch by Amazon platform gives designers a commission for every item they sell, while Amazon takes care of production, delivery and customer service.

The marketing campaign will run during New York Fashion Week, from September 6 to 13. It features four posters in 40 locations around Lower Manhattan and Williamsburg.

The pub-designed posters feature the shirts and a “SmileCode” that consumers can scan with their mobile devices to access the Cutstore in the Amazon app. Customers can buy the shirts in real time.



“Customers can shop new designs literally from the streets of New York using the SmileCode, make their purchase in seconds, and receive a shirt within days,” stated Michael Roque, director of Merch by Amazon.

New York Media says it has sold more than 2,600 shirts since April, at $24.99 a pop. 

Each week a new shirt is added to the collection, featuring viral headlines and timely phrases, “allowing the Cutto respond instantly to the latest news and memes,” according to the brand.
The line now includes 50 shirts. Examples of phrases on the shirts include: “My Other Shirt Is a Turtleneck,” “Criticism Never Sleeps” and “What Do Jared and Ivanka Do All Day?”

“When we first launched the shirts and started promoting them on our social channels, we didn’t realize we were creating a viral campaign, but we were,” stated theCut president and editor-in-chief Stella Bugbee.

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