Bayer Digital Brings Platforms To Budget Meetings

Driving the in-sourcing trend are more direct partnerships, increased automation of marketplace buying, growing internal digital expertise, and agency model challenges, says Joshua Palau of Bayer. Direct partnerships one of the biggest points as well as increased push to increase digital expertise. “I’ll help get you educated but the fastest way is to get experts in the building.”

Internal experts interesting middle ground, says Alex Weprin of MediaPost, where did the idea come from?

Idea was a sobering look by Bayer admitting they don’t have the expertise. We need more people who can translate all the tactics. We need a search expert, who has set up a campaign in ad words. I wasn’t sold initially. Aaron leads insights. Not great KPI. He came up with digital business reports. Here’s the strategy. 

Navigating world with agencies? I’m transparent and open, you have to be. I don’t have enough time or budget to have 10 meetings. We have lots of meeting with Google and FB together. No reason not to be in the room with me. From a silo approach, partners talk with agencies. Rip down wall, they need to be here. They’ll talk about what they can do. Help us solved our business challenge.

About data, what type are you looking for? A lot of our stuff is still bought in stores. One of our focus is on our retail partners. Shopper teams. What can we do more directly with Walmart and Target? Digital is not a part of it. How do we take that data and replicate around that? The challenge is we’re not the product you buy if you’re not sure you have it. But if your allergies aren’t bothering you, you’re not getting Aleve or Clarity. Our focus is when we get person to register, store, website, enough data to say they have bought our product.

Look-alikes, data is mix of social and first-party data. what if people are just upon hunters? Low-value customers? That’s what we’re trying to figure out. Where is the value? How much on the third-party data side do we want to lean on?

Broader organization impact? Aleve brand manager talking about supply, specific targets, offline partner, people are getting it. Pocket of people who are seen as experts in what they’re doing. 

Scholl’s are really great product. But convincing you that pain can be alleviated by them is hard. How do I get the mental awareness that one product is better than other ones. 

Video of this session will be available here tomorrow.

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