Modern Acupuncture 'Tingles' With First Ad Campaign

Modern Acupuncture is unveiling the health and beauty franchise's new motto, "Let's Tingle," as AOR StrawberryFrog attempts to shift acupuncture treatment to the mainstream. To date, the chain operates 29 locations, though 488 regional developer licenses have been awarded as well as 140 franchise licenses. 

The creative uses images shot by Swedish photographer Henrik Halvarsson, known for his work with H&M that show attractive people striking power poses alongside messages like "Be a Zen Goddess." 

As opposed to straightforward educational messaging, the StrawberryFrog team devised a strategy to make potential clients think about healthcare differently. The campaign touts  acupuncture as a nontoxic beauty regimen as well as a natural and non-pharmaceutical way to deal with pain and stress. 

"We are driven by our mission to make lives better, and this movement drives our goal to be the genuine acupuncture brand with values that embrace the widest range of patients in our clinics," says Matt Hale, CEO, Modern Acupuncture. 

The campaign integrates mobile and social elements, the main website, print and outdoor ads including an outdoor installation in Times Square in NYC. 



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