Movable Ink Launches Cross-Channel Visual Platform

Movable Ink has unveiled a platform expansion that it says can fuel consistent visual experiences via several channels.  

The new capability allows brands to use data to generate what Movable Ink calls intelligent creative, the firm says.

Movable Ink announced the development at its Think Summit.

The platform is designed to generate “individualized visual experiences at the moment of engagement across email, web, and display,” states Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink.

Sharma adds: “It's clear that visual is the language that moves people, and brands must respond with unique and relevant experiences that move seamlessly across channels and moments.”

However, companies “still rely on outdated processes and technologies not built for a visual world and teams that are siloed across channels,” he says.

According to the company, the tool facilitates:

- Consistent cross-channel visual experiences driven by customer data



- Progressive profiles of both known and unknown consumers based on interactions and poll results. These can fuel re-engagement across email and    web, the firm claims

- Behavioral targeting, allowing firms to deliver visual experiences based on past behavior

- Creative optimization, enabling brands to determine creative performance and select the winning visual experience

- Reporting and analytics

Movable Ink has specialized in providing email marketing tools, but has added new capabilities or web and display.


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