Email Far From The Most Urgent Channel Used on Smartphones: Study

Note to email marketers and anyone who sends emails in general: It’s better to send a text if it’s urgent.

That’s one of the findings of Smartphone Etiquette, a study by KDM Engineering.

It found that email ranks third in order of urgency. People are more likely to respond to notifications sent via text or phone.

On the other hand, email tops messenger, Facetime, Facebook, What’sApp, Snapchat, Instagram and DatingApp in urgency. 

That, of course, is a sidebar to the main finding — that smartphones are addictive.

The research shows that the typical user taps, touches or swipes their phone 2,617 times a day, and that 92% believe smartphone addiction is real.

Of the millennials polled, 43% check their phone at least once every 20 minutes. In addition, 57% of consumers talk on the phone when traveling via public transportation, and 49% have used their phone in a theater.

Worse, 54% have texted while driving and 30% have had their phone out on a first date.

Not that they don’t know better — 79% feel it’s inappropriate to read a phone while crossing the street. But 49% do it anyway.

And talk about lack of respect for privacy — 49% have taken a photo of a stranger without their knowledge. Yet 75% are hesitant or embarrassed to take a selfie in public. 

At work, 20% check their phone at least once every 20 minutes. But while 70% say it’s inappropriate to have a smartphone out during a meeting, 53% do it anyway.

Likewise, 50% check their phones during meetings, although 70% feel it’s inappropriate. Finally, 77% bring their phone into the bathroom at work.  



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