Crayon Launches New Tool For Watching Competitors

B2B email marketers may have a new tool in Crayon Battlecards, a platform that provides sales teams with intelligence on competitors, according to Crayon. 

To achieve this, Crayon says it monitors over 300 million pages from 7.6 million domains and 2.4 million companies. 

It then applies algorithmic and machine-learning techniques to come up with insights on firms, it says.

Upserve, a provider of management software to restaurants, uses Crayon Battlecard to stay current with product updates by competitors. It claims that its win rate against its five biggest competitors has improved by 54% 

"The number one problem with today’s battlecards is that they’re perpetually out of date,” states Jonah Lopin, CEO and co-founder of Crayon. “Teams spend countless hours crafting these battlecards, but they become stale days or weeks after they hit publish."


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