EdgeWave Debuts Post-Delivery Email Security Service

EdgeWave has launched an automated post-delivery security service that it says can identify a suspicious email and eliminate it from all inboxes within a company.

ThreatTest, a new release of the firm’s Incident Response, is an automated post-delivery service.

EdgeWave CEO Steve Kelley argues that security teams “watch emails as they come in — pre-delivery — but fall down in post-delivery protection.” 

The solution is to move beyond that pre-delivery gateway. 

Typically, employees forward suspicious emails to IT staff. But that “can become a bit of a black hole,” Kelley says. “Turnaround times vary.” 

With the new product, suspicious emails can be sent to EdgeWave’s cloud-based detection center for review.

If it determines that there is a problem, it removes them from all inboxes in the company, instead of trying to get staff to do it, Kelley says.

EdgeWave relies on a combination of machine learning and human examination. “If it’s questionable, we send it to humans to review,” Kelley says. Turnaround time is usually five minutes or less, he claims.

Historically, firms attempt to train staff to look for signs of malware, usually by identifying suspicious email headers or links. ThreatTest allows them to easily send it for review, Kelley says.

He argues that the malware problem can become a “business inhibitor.”

Launched in 2011, EdgeWave, has over 2,5000 customers and protects 3.5 million mailboxes, Kelley says.


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