Jackson Hole Seeks To 'Tag' Social Media Travelers

Wyoming's Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board (JHTTB) is launching what it calls a first-of-its-kind campaign to educate people about how social media, specifically Instagram, is causing travelers to unintentionally abuse precious natural areas in pursuit of the perfect image. 

The Tag Responsibly message, developed with Colle McVoy, provides Instagram users about to geotag Jackson Hole’s pristine natural amenities with the alternative, generic location tag: "Tag Responsibly, Keep Jackson Hole Wild."

Instead of seeing the exact location of the photo, their followers will instead see this call-to-action to circumvent situations where thousands of people are lining up to take a selfie with a cool rock formation.

The alternative location tag will be promoted with tips about local conservation programs via social-media posts from local influencers and an announcement video.

“We needed to offer a solution and help spread the spirit of conservation that is so important to us," says Kate Sollitt, executive director, JHTTB. “We want to share the beauty of Jackson Hole and inspire more people to experience it, but we also want them to join in our efforts to preserve it."

This campaign is part of Jackson Hole’s Stay Wild movement that urges locals and tourists to help keep Jackson Hole "raw, rugged and wild."



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