Omelet Cracks A Few Eggs For Rebrand

Agency Omelet is undergoing a brand makeover, its first in 14 years.

“A lot has changed in that time," says Sarah Ceglarski, Chief Marketing Officer, Omelet. 

The new brand positioning derives from late singer Leonard Cohen's quote: “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Hence, "in order to make an Omelet, you’ve got to break a few eggs." 

"We’ve historically shied away from all the obvious egg themes that come along with being named Omelet," says Ceglarski. "But it’s our name, and we love it.”

The refreshed branding includes a new logo and website efforts led by designer Marta Cerda. A new color palette consists of a warm red, bright yellow, aqua blue, teal green and light lavender.



The agency's web developer, Legwork, used the new color palette and “riffed off the cracked logo to incorporate crack animations into our site flawlessly,” jokes Mike Wallen, the agency’s Chief Content Officer.

It wasn't easy to develop the perfect eggshell crack, says Certa. “We actually analyzed how cracks behave depending on the types of stress and what surface they’re on. I thought they could be very poetic in a way, as they speak to broader aspects of life itself.”

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