B2B Email List Rental Prices Take A Dip

Now is the time to rent permission-based B2B email lists, judging by Worldata’s Fall 2018 List Price Index.

“B2B email list rental prices saw a significant drop over the last 12 months,” states Jay Schwedelson, president and CEO of Worldata.

The reason? “Inventory in this category continues to grow at a rapid pace, which is helping to fuel a more competitive pricing environment for marketers,” Schwedelson says. He expects this trend to continue.

Small business email lists suffered the largest percentage decrease at 6.82%. 

However, international permission-based email lists saw an increase -- rising from $56/M to $460/M -- and this remains the highest-priced list rental category.

 “The International email list rental cost rise can be directly attributed to GDPR going into effect during the past few months,” Schwedelson notes. “The available inventory of compliant data has dropped significantly, which has caused the overall cost to increase substantially.”

The cheapest lists? Permission-based consumer email files, which have an average price of $54/M -- a $3/M decrease from last year at this time. This is the lowest-price list category in the history of the price index.

Despite the B2B falloff, the highest-priced domestic category is large business email lists, which have an average CPM of $190/M, although it fell by $5/M from Fall 2017.



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