More Growth For 4K TV Sets Forecast In U.S.

Few major U.S. TV networks/platforms are airing content for 4K or 8K Ultra TV sets. But a new estimate suggests that in four years, 71% of U.S. household will have one in their homes.

That is according to U.K.-based Strategy Analytics.

There are 50 million 4K TV sets in the U.S, according to other estimates. In 2018, 20 million have been sold. In 2019, another 30 million are expected to be sold.

The Asia-Pacific region will be the largest market in terms of sales for Ultra HD TVs -- 46 million this year, says Strategy Analytics. Sales of 8K TVs are predicted to be 400,000 units next year and 11 million by 2023. At that time, it will represent about 6% share of all ultra TV sets.

By the end of this year, 222 million homes globally will own an Ultra HD TV, up nearly 50% over the past 12 months. The report says more than 600 million homes will own an Ultra HD TV by 2023 -- only 3% of Ultra HD TVs in use will be capable of airing in 8K.

Most of these sets will be of the 4K type. Just 3.9% of those homes with Ultra TV sets will air shows on 8K displays. Looking at specific markets for 8K, Asia will have a 4.1% share, while Western Europe will have 1.7%.



Analysts believe much of the overall boost will be due to high-profile TV events. In two years, Japan’s NHK network will air the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 8K, though Strategy Analytics says airing this worldwide TV event won’t mean a sudden rush in 8K-ready TV sets.

In the U.S., only Netflix, DirecTV and a few small networks are broadcasting some content in 4K. This past year, video-streaming service fuboTV broadcast the 2018 FIFA World Cup live in 4K.

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