Natural Pet Food Maker Encourages Pet Owners To #FeedTheLove


Natural pet food company "I and love and you" is encouraging pet owners to share their stories of pet love.

The social campaign, themed “Confessions of Love,” is orchestrated by AOR Fact & Fiction. A  one-minute and 45-second video features some of the touching and silly stories owners shared.

From creating silly pet names to singing original ballads in their honor, what may seem crazy to others isn’t crazy at all––it’s pure love. "I and love and you" believes that if you feel this type of love, you supply your pet with only the best food.  

Using the hashtag #FeedTheLove, pet parents can share their tales on Instagram and Facebook.

For every story shared and tagged, “I and love and you” will donate a meal to National Mill Dog Rescue (up to 10,000 meals). Owners are encouraged to tag two or three people and dare them to share their stories.



The campaign celebrates the "imperfect but real" relationships people have with their pets, says Lindsey Rabaut, vice president of marketing for the company.

“With ‘Confessions of Love,’ we focused on the simple truth that the bond that exists between owners and their pets is love, and the insight that people love to share this love,” Rabaut tells Marketing Daily. “

"We’ve known that from the start -- it’s in our name -- but championing that truth with a year-long campaign helped us connect with our fans on a deeper level, and it made us feel like we’re remaining true to ourselves and our brand’s reason for existence, too."

The campaign includes social, content, media and PR support (including a partnership with reality star Cameran Eubanks’ husband and his neighbor's dog, Elvis.)

An Instagram post about the challenge has been viewed 387,675 times and has almost 28,000 “likes” and over 500 comments. 

So far, more than 830 confessions have been submitted and the campaign has registered 6.3 million total impressions and 565,000 total engagements. It runs through the end of the year. 

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