Carhartt, Invaluable Claim Email Click-Through Improvement Using Personalization Tools

Two digital brands say they are using Evergage capabilities to drive online sales.

For one, workwear brand Carhartt is deploying Evergage for Email to send personalized emails.

"As shoppers interact across all our digital channels, we want to recreate the 1-to-1 feel of an in-store experience," states Aaron Nilsson, manager of digital experience for Carhartt.

“We've been able to dramatically improve the results of our cart abandonment emails – using Evergage to trigger personalized reminders to shoppers of what they've left behind – increasing click-through rates by 178% and conversion rates by an amazing 598%," he says.

In addition, the online art marketplace Invaluable is using Evergage to send triggered emails and open-time batch email campaigns. It claims that it has seen a 21% increase in click-throughs for batch email campaigns, and a 12% rise in overall monthly revenue, using Evergage personalized web and email recommendations.

"Evergage helps us recognize our visitors, build a comprehensive profile of their interests and then act on that information in real-time" to connect collectors with pieces they are searching for, states Neal Glazier, vice president of marketing at Invaluable.

Evergage included these testimonials in an announcement promoting such capabilities as:

  • Open-time email personalization
  • Triggered emails
  • SmartBatch

"On a personal level, I know how frustrating it is to receive promotional emails that are totally disconnected from my interests, or that urge me to buy something irrelevant to me," states Karl Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Evergage. "Companies can -- and need to -- do better."

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