Celebs Rally For Holiday Fox News Blockade

Three creative directors are joining forces to introduce a PSA-style video that encourages young people going home for the holidays to change the parental controls on their folks’ TV to block the “content unsuitable for older audiences” regularly broadcast on Fox News.

The #OutFoxTheHolidays centerpiece is a film featuring "Conan" personality Andy Richter as a Trump supporter dad and mom (Carrie Madsen, “The Late Late Show with James Corden”) welcoming their daughter (Becky Robinson, “Laughs”, “Funny Or Die”) and son (DC Pierson, “UCB”, “Derrick Comedy”) home for the holidays.

The clip intermixes chatter among family members with confessionals speaking directly to the camera inviting viewers to use the parental controls on their parents’ TV to block ‘inappropriate content’ like Fox News. "Parents can be impressionable, and it’s up to us kids to protect them," intones the clip’s narrator.

Viewers are directed to the website OutFoxTheHolidays.com and to share "parents reactions" to this blockage via #OutFoxTheHolidays. 



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