Gmail Adds Three New Formatting Options

Gmail has added a strikethrough shortcut that allows users to line out material in message, as they would in a Word document.  

In addition, the inbox provider with 1.5 billion users has introduced two other features that are now being rolled out to G Suite and Gmail account holders: 

  • Shortcut to undo/redo in the compose window
  • Ability to download messages as .EML files in rfc822 format from Gmail on the web

Gmail describes the trio of new formatting options as follows:

Undo/Redo —  Users who accidentally delete the draft of an email can recover it from the compose view. They can also redo the content.

Strikethrough — This is "a visual cue that something has been completed or can be used as an edit suggestion,” Google states. Why this?“We’ve heard from you that this functionality is critical to quickly and efficiently write emails, especially when you want to visually indicate a change in language."

Download as EML — Recognized by other email clients, the EML format allows users to "view the Gmail content along with attachments within those clients," Gmail states. "In addition, with this functionality users can now add these downloaded messages as attachments in their emails."

The features will be on by default.





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