Germany's Deutsche Post Adds Postal Mail 'E-Scan' Service

The synergy between postal mail and email has gotten a boost in Germany. 

Deutsche Post, the German post office, has launched a pilot program that allows customers to have their postal mail “e-canned,” and sent to them in email form, according to reports.

The program goes further than Informed Delivery, a scanning program launched by the U.S. Postal Service in 2017. Deutsche Post scans letters and postcards, whereas the USPS only scans the outside portion of letters.  

However, observers wonder whether the new program will raise privacy and data security issues. According to CNN, customers would waive their right to privacy.

Large postal systems such as Deutsche Post and the USPS are facing competitive and financial pressures. 

The new service will be available for a promotional price of US $5.74 a month until July. 

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