Jimmy John's Disses Third-Party Deliveries

Sandwich chain Jimmy John’s is launching a new ad campaign from agency WorkInProgress highlighting a company promise never to authorize third-party companies like Uber Eats and Grubhub to deliver its sandwiches to customers. 

The campaign (and the promise) is based on research conducted by Service Management Group and a study commissioned by Jimmy John’s and conducted by the Boston Consulting Group that found that customers have become increasingly dissatisfied with third-party delivery services. 

According to the research 35% of customers who have used third-party delivery services say they have experienced a problem with their deliveries. And 76% hold the restaurant at least partially responsible for any errors. 

“We are, faster, fresher, better value, and more consistent at delivery than the third-party services,” stated James North, CEO of Jimmy John’s. “We have a relentless focus on the entire process, from the moment we start slicing fresh produce and baking bread at 6 a.m. to the moment we hand a sandwich to a customer. We want to control the experience from the fresh prep to the hand off to the customer.” 

The campaign will include billboards highlighting the delivery promise and a video showcasing tweets from dissatisfied customers of third-party food delivery companies.





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