Data Finds Link Between Local Search, DOOH

Increasingly I am seeing connections between digital out-of-home interactive screens and search engine advertising and marketing -- especially around the use of data. Others agree.

I see DOOH as an opportunity for search platforms and engines to gain media-buying dollars from some of the larger brands paying top dollars to advertise on all sizes of billboards and interactive screens.

Joe Esposito, vice president of strategic partnerships at Rio SEO, agrees. Esposito worked in the OOH/DOOH space for years. Now he focuses on local search and search engine optimization.

“A lot of my thinking here at Rio SEO has been around the insights we surface and how they can be viewed in the context of DOOH campaigns,” he says, adding that much of his work centers on local search.

Esposito’s interest in Google My Business listings spans past the ordinary and into the realm of data, clicks for driving directions, clicks to a website, or calls to the business by clicking on the link.



It’s there in the Google My Business listing, where it’s possible to see a direct correlation between out-of-home campaigns and local business listings through search.      

In the data, he is looking for a direct correlation between the proximity to a DOOH campaign and increase in Google My Business interactions, such as making the phone calls and clicking on the driving direction.

There is a spike in local searches for specific companies in areas where OOH campaigns run. “It’s a whole world no one’s tapping,” he says. I agree.

DOOH and OOH drives local search -- not only in Google, but Bing, Facebook and other types of directories. Esposito says that some of the studies Rio SEO did were for national brands with local campaigns.

Through search, Rio SEO is able to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns. The search data that measures the effectiveness can also inform strategies for campaigns.

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