WFA Is Looking For A Few Good ...Ideas

The World Federation of Advertisers has issued an appeal to member companies for ideas that can help improve the media ecosystem in key areas including eradicating ad fraud, ensuring brand safety, improving transparency, addressing walled garden issues and improving the user experience. 

The group is also looking for ideas that would enhance cross-industry partnerships and collaboration to drive growth. 

The initiative is part of a broader effort by the WFA’s global media board to improve the system in which advertisers spend billions of dollars every year. 

The best ideas will be presented at the Media Forum during WFA’s Global Marketer Week at the end of March in Lisbon and may be adopted by the group to create new best practices in these vital areas. 

The deadline for submitting ideas (to the WFA’s Matt Green) is March 4. The group’s global media board will review submissions and decide which 10 will be shortlisted for presentation during the conference.

After discussion and voting by the WFA membership proposals receiving the most support will be adopted as officially endorsed ideas and best practices.




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