Ad Agency Veteran Lands The Plane

Ad agency veteran Rich Feldman has launched a strategy and creative concept consultancy called LandThePlane. 

Feldman has been plying his trade in Adland for 30 years, working for agencies including MDC Partners’ Doner CX (formerly Source Marketing), Havas/EuroRSCG’s Brann Worldwide, and Y&R’s Chapman. 

Much of his focus has been on direct response efforts and data-driven marketing strategies. He’s worked with brands like AARP, American Express, ESPN, HSBC, Merck, Novartis, Panasonic and many others. 

According to Feldman, here’s where the “land the plane” part comes in. Of the marketing landscape he says, there is now “less appetite for risk, a growing hunger for data-driven strategies that facilitate agility versus impeding it, and a pervasive focus on cost-management. All of these point in a single direction: that strategies, concepts, and program designs need to land the plane … they must have definitive, measurable outcomes with a longitudinal bias in the form of fostering customer relationships.”

Roger that, Rich. You're clear for takeoff.  

Based in Ridgefield, CT, the new firm is focusing on financial services, pharmaceutical, consumer/enterprise software and technology brands.



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