Mayo Clinic Expands First-Aid Voice Feature To Google Assistant

The Mayo Clinic has added its first-aid voice application to Google Assistant and voice-powered web chat.

The Mayo Clinic earlier added the Mayo First Aid skill to Amazon's Alexa. To access the information on Google Assistant, a consumer would say “Hey Google, talk to Mayo First Aid.”

The first aid feature, created with Mayo Clinic and Orbita, a provider of a HIPPA-compliant platform for voice, provides answers questions such as how to treat a sunburn, animal bite or a black eye.

The feature is also now available on the web and on mobile browsers that support voice input.

“Expanding the delivery of Mayo Clinic content through more voice channels helps give consumers ready access to trusted health information where and when they need it,” stated Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., general internal medicine physician and associate medical director of Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions.



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