Viacom Delivers For Video Advertising Bureau

The Challenge

The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) is a governing entity that represents the interests of the entire television and premium video industry. Representatives from all of the major television companies sit on the VAB board.

The VAB was looking to disprove the notion that brands don’t need to advertise on TV in the digital age. It wanted something as ubiquitous and compelling as the “Got Milk?” campaign, speaking to an audience of ad buyers. 

The Execution

How do you combat the narrative that brands don’t need television in their media mix? Create and nationally air documentary pieces profiling startups that boomed after advertising on TV. 

The VAB wanted these profile pieces to demonstrate that TV still reaches consumers on a scale that no other medium can touch. In a media-saturated environment, television remains the most reliable medium to bring powerful storytelling to a mass audience, which builds brand affinity and influences purchasing decisions. 

It focused on two modern companies that are graduating from startup status to large-scale disruptors in the worlds of fashion (Gwynnie Bee) and home décor (Wayfair). Their founders spoke to the company’s trajectory and goals—and the turning point in the company’s history when they began advertising on TV. 

The profile pieces aired on every national television network, with each network carving out media time to air the campaign on both cable and broadcast. 

The Results

  • Leaders from both companies were able to pinpoint moments when the “halo effect” of TV advertising started boosting their business, transforming Gwynnie Bee and Wayfair from up-and-coming brands to known and trusted businesses.
  • This creative signaled a large step forward for the television industry, bringing together competitors to reach the next generation of advertisers and consumers.

Key Takeaways

To improve a negative impression, document the success of companies using your product.

Get your medium to share your campaign far and wide.

Focus on the moment your clients saw a turning point in brand recognition and sales.Awar

This was a finalist in the Business Media category in MediaPost’s 2018 Creative Media Awards.

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