What The Twilio/SendGrid Deal Means To Clients Like Airbnb: Report

SendGrid will help its new owner Twilio serve Airbnb and other such clients by streamlining the booking process, according to an interview with Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and SendGrid chief Sameer Dholakia on CNBC’s Mad Money. 

For example, Airbnb, which was a client of both firms before the $3 billion acquisition, will be able to send reservation confirmations via email as part of the combined service, Dholakia told CNBC interviewer Jim Cramer. 

Clients need “need an ability to orchestrate communications, different ways to engage with their users, over a myriad of channels," Dholakia added. 

Twilio, which generated 77% revenue growth year-over-year in its fourth quarter, serves Airbnb and Uber and clients that are not so tech-savvy, Cramer reports. It claims to serve around 140,000 customers overall.

"What we're seeing is that every kind of company needs this capability,” Lawson said. “It's not just technology companies.”

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