Welcome Emails Produce High Open Rates Worldwide: Study

Welcome emails produce an 84.22% average open rate and 25.91% click-through rate throughout the world, according to a new global study by GetResponse.

Firms that fail to send them are missing out on “a huge opportunity to connect with your customers when they’re most receptive to hearing from you,” writes Courtenay Worcester, director of U.S. marketing for GetResponse, in MarTech Advisor.  

The findings also show that the average email marketing open rate in North America is 19.49%, while in Europe it is 26.91%.

The restaurant industry pulls an average open of 37.40%, while the travel field generates 22.79%. Paradoxically, countries with the highest open and click rates also have the highest unsubscribe rates.

“It could be because the more people that open your emails, the higher the likelihood of their decision to unsubscribe,” Worcester writes. “It could be that the compelling CTA that was used to entice subscribers has expired.” And it might prove that less is more.

Email newsletters that are sent five times a week draw open rates in the teens, and a brand that mails 15 times a week generates a click rate of 2.01%. However, a weekly pulls 34.26%, and a click-through of 4.88%.

Worcester adds that the GDPR was a good thing for marketers. 

GetResponse studied 4 billion emails in 26 countries. 

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