Synacor Email Platform Zimbra X Available In Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Synacor Inc.’s Zimbra X email and collaboration platform is now being offered in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, the company announced on Tuesday.

Zimbra X, a new iteration of Zimbra, is aimed at service providers offering email and collaboration services.

It facilitates email communications, contacts, calendar and file sharing, messaging, video conferencing, document creation, file storage and other collaboration-related tasks, the company says.  

The product is powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, according to Synacor, a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork. 

According to Synacor, Zimbra X relies on automated orchestration that reduces compute time on the cloud.

In addition, Zimbra X allows firms to monetize the capability with optional advertisements and integration with Synacor’s advertising platform. 

The product also comes with privacy features such as two-factor authentication, email encryption and secure communications via TLS and HTTPs. 



The company says Zimbra can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid service.

Zimbra X is now targeted at service providers offering email and collaboration services to ISP and wireless operators. It is designed to be offered as a consumer value-add to increase subscription engagement and loyalty, the company says.

David Hicks, vice president, cloud business development and marketing for Oracle, states that “The cloud represents a huge opportunity for our partner community."



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