New Tool Is Designed To Let Only Trusted Emails Into The Inbox

Valimail, a provider of anti-impersonation technologies, has introduced an email protection product called Valimail Defend. 

The company claims that the tool blocks Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and the worst types of phishing.   

“Valimail Defend allows only those emails that are sent from trusted domains into an organization’s inboxes,” states Valimail CEO and co-founder Alexander García-Tobar 

The new entry is third in a suite of services that includes Valimail Enforce and Valimail Brand Trust. Together, they make up Valimail’s Trust Layer. 

The firm also contends that Valimail Defend stops untrusted-domain attacks. These include ““lookalike-domain” or “cousin-domain” attacks. And it says that there are no false positives. 

Vailmail Enforce is an anti-spoofing solution, and Valimail Brand is a tool that relies on Brand Indicators or Message Identification (BIMI)  and Microsoft Business Profiles to help firms confirm that emails are authentic.



Grubhub, which has tried Valimail Defend, finds that it provides assurance that “untrusted domains won’t get to the inbox,” states Justinian Fortenberry, CISO for Grubhub.

Valimail cites statistics from Proofpoint showing that BEC attacks have increased by 500% during 2018, and that 60% of companies have experienced spoofed email attacks in the last year.

In addition, the FBI says BEC attacks have resulted in $12.5 billion in losses to BEC over the past five years, the company adds.


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