Streaming Service TaTaTu Wants To Pay Users To Watch

Another new free streaming video service is set to launch this week, but with a twist: it will pay users to watch.

The service is called TaTaTu, and it is founded by movie producer Andrea Iervolino. At launch, the service will have around 900 titles, spanning about 1,800 hours. 

Compared to other free streaming services, that is a relatively small library. TaTaTu is betting it can entice users to tune in by rewarding them for viewing.

The company will give registered users blockchain-based tokens for watching content or sharing the app with friends. The token, which it calls TTU, can then be redeemed for discounts, special prices and goods from participating companies. 

Creators that generate content for the platform can also receive tokens.



Samsung is on board to provide users with promo codes in exchange for tokens, while Italian e-ommerce firm Triboo will also drive rewards.

In fact, the token will serve as the key touchpoint that advertisers have to the service. Marketers will buy the tokens, which can then be delivered to users.

The usage is ecorded on the blockchain. TaTaTu argues that advertisers will get better viewing metrics and more targeted data, as all users are registered and verified. They will be able to target specific audiences on the platform, as well.

TaTaTu is not the first streaming service to reward users for watching shows. NBCUniversal’s WatchBack also hands out rewards to users that watch certain shows, or a certain amount of programming.

But while NBCU is open about the fact it views WatchBack primarily as a marketing and research exercise, TaTaTu believes it can be a real business.

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