AMG/Parade Partners With Lori Greiner For 'Living Inspired' Magazine

AMG/Parade is partnering with entrepreneur Lori Greiner on a new lifestyle magazine, Living Inspired by Lori Greiner.

Greiner will serve as editorial director. She is known for her appearances on “Shark Tank,” ABC’s reality TV show on funding entrepreneurs. Greiner serves as an investor in companies and inventors on the show. She has created over 700 products and holds 120 U.S. and international patents.

Her QVC-TV show "Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner" has run for the past 17 years.

Those involved in the creation of the new magazine include Tracey Altman, AMG/Parade executive vice president of new ventures and business development.

"When Lori was featured on the cover of Parade back in 2017, it was one of our top 10 most popular issues of the year. We thought that partnering with Lori on a lifestyle magazine would be a symbiotic match," Altman told Publishers Daily.



Lisa Delaney, senior vice president-Chief Content Officer, leads the editorial team, while Nicole Schembeck is vice president and creative director.

"Creating this magazine from scratch along with AMG/Parade was a true labor of love," stated Greiner. "They helped me bring to life the content, look and feel I wanted. My hope is that ... Living Inspired will bring them success, positivity, joy, fun and, of course, inspiration!"

AMG/Parade’s brands include Parade, Relish, Spry Living, Athlon Sports and American Profile.

The debut issue of Living Inspired hits newsstands on Tuesday, March 19. It will be available at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, CVS, Walgreens, Publix and WH Smith stores for $4.99, with an initial print run of 150,000.

Advertisers in the magazine include Bed, Bath & Beyond, Geico, Unilever/Dove, Boursin Cheese, Mars and Marzetti.

Why did AMG/Parade feel confident it was the right time to launch a new print magazine, when many publications have struggled to stay afloat?

"We know that magazines centered around influencers, well-known figures and popular brands are the ones with the most vitality," Altman said.

That formula has worked for some celebrities.

The Pioneer Woman Magazine, which debuted in June 2017 in partnership with Hearst and popular blogger Ree Drummond, raised its rate base from 450,000 to 500,000 with the spring 2019 issue.

The Magnolia Journal, the print publication created by Joanna and Chip Gaines, the couple behind popular HGTV show “Fixer Upper,” reported the magazine’s audience had grown to 5.5 million in just two years.

O, The Oprah Magazine has been in print since 2000 and launched a new website for the brand last year.

Living Inspired by Lori Greiner will provide “advice on dealing with problems at work and at home, fun places to go, unique products to try, wonderful things to eat and even how to look and feel their best,” according to a release from AMG/Parade.

The magazine will have four main sections: Inspired Life, Inspired Style, Inspired Success and Inspired Travel.

There is also a pull-out page called "For You List," with discounts on products selected by Greiner like Nest Fragrances and Ménage à Trois wines.

A pop-up insert in Parade’s March 10 issue will offer a sneak peek at the content in Living Inspired by Lori Greiner.

The insert will reach 40 million readers, with advice, product reviews and recommendations, per the company.

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