Pandora Poised To Lose Audio Market Dominance To Spotify

Spotify is poised to overtake Pandora as the dominant digital audio service in the U.S., according to new estimates released today by eMarketer.

"Spotify will surpass Pandora in terms of users by 2021 — one year sooner than we predicted last year," the report finds.

eMarketer estimates Pandora will average 72.4 million listeners -- people of any age who listened at least once a month -- in the U.S., down 0.5% from 2018.
Noting that Pandora has been the dominant music streaming platform in the U.S. since its launch in 2000, eMarketer Forecasting Analyst Chris Bendsten said, “Pandora lost users last year because of tough competition from other services attracting people to switch. Apple Music has been successful in converting its iPhone user base, Amazon Music has grown with smart speaker adoption, and Spotify’s partnerships have expanded its presence across all devices.”

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