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Pemco Insurance Plays Up Its Understanding Of Northwest

Pemco Insurance is launching its first campaign in a decade for the company, which offers auto, home, renters, umbrella and boat insurance.

The effort, from Periscope, focuses on the company’s pledge to the people of the Northwest and their pursuit of life, liberty and doing cool things, according to the company.

The new marketing strategy highlights why it matters to have people who understand you in your corner and how the brand’s allegiance to the Northwest offers an advantage over competitors. 

“Northwest people are unique, and we want to celebrate that,” states MJ Vigil, Pemco’s chief people and brand officer. “No other insurance company can say they know Northwesterners like we do.”

The campaign includes a new website, connected TV, digital video, social media and out-of-home. For this strategic audience, the OOH comes to life through unique placements on messenger bikes, fitness centers, elevators, the walkway to stadiums, movie theaters and a colossal wall in Portland, along with a domination of King Street train station in Seattle. 



"From skateboard commuters to entrepreneurs to snowboard addicts, the campaign celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of what it means to be a Northwesterner," states Periscope Creative Director Ryan Peck. 

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