Back To School For GDPR: Can Parents Photograph Their Children?

As we enter this holiday weekend, here’s another reminder of how bizarre things can get under GDPR.

EU data commissioners, as if they have nothing bigger on their minds, had to issue a ruling say it’s permissible to take photos at confirmations and other such occasions involving the young. I wonder how long that took. 

This apparently occurred after several school principals warned parents about photographing communions, confirmations and sports events.

This issue confused parents who naturally want to preserve such moments. The question is: Does it endanger the children? 

The data protection authorities quickly clarified the issue 

“Taking a photo in public is generally fine; it’s what you do with that photo that can potentially become a data protection issue,” tweets the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

That’s true. The world is full of fiends and stalkers.

If we’re reading it correctly, the commissioners mean to say that posting such photos online can become a  problem under GDPR. 



In that light, one wonders about social media sites like Facebook that are loaded with photos of peoples’ kids — anyone can see them. Will the data commissioners pile this on top of their other issues with Facebook? 

But the commissioner also uses the key phrase: “Where common sense prevails.” 

Parents can make their own decisions on whether to publicize their children in social media. Asking whether they can even take the photos is a waste of mental energy — it’s almost as if you have to see a lawyer first.

Glad the EU cleared that up. Now it can go back to regulating email marketers. 

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  1. Igor Kholkin from Avidon Marketing Group, April 19, 2019 at 5:12 p.m.

    Love the tongue in cheek humor.

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