services Launches $100M Effort will spend more than $100 million this year across both traditional and digital marketing, according to the apartment listing site

“2019 will be our biggest year yet,” Patrick Dodson, vice president of marketing at tells Marketing Daily

The company recently launched the “Enter the Apartminternet” marketing campaign from Rubin Postaer and Associates of Santa Monica, California. The effort features actor and comedian Jeff Goldblum, who the company has used since 2015.  Goldblum plays fictional spokesperson, Brad Bellflower

Through whimsical scenarios, showcases how renters can find the perfect rental among endless listings and become the best versions of themselves by choosing the reality in which they reside. 



“Jeff Goldblum is extremely popular and loved by people of all ages for his style, charm and talent,” Dodson says. “He fits with the brand, as both Jeff and are innovative and authoritative, yet approachable with a touch of humor and levity.”

The company has a multiyear contract with Goldblum. “We have a lot more planned with him to launch new products and produce more great, engaging content,” Dodson adds.

The company claims it is spending more on marketing than any other apartment-listing site, and says the multichannel campaign will reach 95% of all U.S. households. The effort will strategically leverage data and targeting to reach audiences relevant to property managers, such as consumers who indicate a move is more likely in the future.

The media plan includes top-rated TV programs, including big prime-time premieres and finales, top-rated cable shows, and live sports championships, Dodson says.

“We also invest heavily in paid digital, social and emerging platforms, as we all know that the way younger audiences consume media has shifted dramatically,” he says.

That includes streaming video like Hulu and addressable and data-driven TV that can micro-target an exact renter during a specific show. The company is also investing in connected devices to ensure reaching the cord-cutting audiences that consume content on different devices, he says.

“[We are] launching more video content than ever on Youtube, deploying video on demand, streaming audio through Pandora and Spotify, advertising in stadiums, and even adding large-scale podcasts this year where we naturally integrate content into the program,” Dodson says.

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