Connecting With The Global Market: Q&A With Kantar's Heath Greenfield

Keeping up with new research technologies is no mean feat. To help, Kantar recently launched the Kantar Marketplace, a “one-stop, research and insights store that includes key offerings across Kantar’s portfolio of solutions, self-serve or with the Kantar consultancy,” according to Heath Greenfield, Kantar’s executive vice president of global strategy and corporate development.

Charlene Weisler: What does the Marketplace offer?

Heath Greenfield: It is a platform that meets the evolving needs of our clients who need data, insights and consulting faster and more affordably. Custom projects on the platform can be delivered in as little as six hours, and Quick Polls delivered in under an hour. 

As data and research continue to become more real-time in nature, these speeds will move closer to becoming table stakes. 

Kantar Marketplace was initially launched with several elements. With the first element, Expert Solutions, clients gain access to a self-serve or serviced version of our Link pre-testing solutions and a serviced version of Ad Now that measures in-market advertising performance. 



Currently available in beta, Quick Polls and DIY Surveys will provide clients faster, more cost-effective ways to meet their needs.

Weisler: How can it be used with different media platforms?

Greenfield: Link Now, Link Express and Ad Now can be used to evaluate multiple forms of media including TV, digital video, digital display, print and out-of-home. 

Our Link Now for Digital solutions show ads in fully functioning live contexts (Facebook and YouTube) and provides a reflection of people’s mindsets, distractions and interactions, and an evaluation of ad performance.

Weisler: What data do you collect and use?

Greenfield: Kantar collects survey responses using validated solution frameworks and proven survey questions. For example, our Link solution is validated to both short-term and long-term sales. 

Further, we often collect behavioral data, such as facial-coding data and clickstream data, using proven techniques to provide additional insight and value to our clients. These behavioral data sets will be available soon in the platform. 

Weisler: What is the profile of Kantar’s base of consumer respondents?

Greenfield: Kantar has access to over 80 million respondents across dozens of countries worldwide. Within this reach of 80 million, Kantar has both discrete and direct access to the largest globally connected sample sources available. This will benefit our clients in that we will maximize the feasibility of low-incidence targets, as well as the speed and quality of data collection.

Weisler: How do you collect the sample?

Greenfield: Generally speaking, Kantar collects data according to the objectives of the study and the sample resources available in the relevant country. 

Initially, for solutions on Kantar Marketplace, we will leverage online samples for data collection across multiple devices, such as desktop and mobile. 

Weisler: Do you match the results with other datasets — and if so, which ones?

Greenfield: Through our partnership with CINT, Kantar will have the ability to connect to over 20 million permissioned profile attributes. Connecting additional profile attributes will enable our teams to analyze the data along a variety of dimensions to provide more insights to our clients.

Weisler: Give me some examples of the insights you have found from the sample.

Greenfield: Our Link Now for Digital solution helps client in several ways including: Optimizing their digital ads to avoid the skip and maximize in-market success, confirming which of several ads will best achieve their goals, seeing if an effective ad in one country will work in another and finding out how their competitor’s ads are performing.

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