Acura Brings Potential Buyers Inside For A Look At Luxury

The Challenge

Americans’ love for SUVs shows no signs of slowing. But the category is overcrowded with boxy styles that compromise performance and are hard to differentiate. The re-designed Acura RDX breaks these barriers and instead delivers luxury, refinement and superior performance. 

The challenge was to get car-buyers to experience it first-hand. Acura and RPA partnered with Thinknear for an in-app rich media (RM) augmented reality (AR) campaign that took users inside the vehicle from their devices and allowed them to experience the rich interior features.

The Execution

The Acura RDX owner enjoys life’s luxuries and sees their car as a reflection of themselves and their ambitions. The Acura RDX was designed for them, and it was imperative that the right audience experiences the RDX at the right moment.

The RM AR ad experience took auto-buyers "inside" the Acura RDX from the convenience of their mobile device. This frictionless AR experience (no app download required) allowed the target to "sit" inside the RDX, customize the interior trim color, explore the numerous high-end innovations via interactive hotspots, and find the closest dealer. 

The Results

  • The campaign exceeded each KPI metric, with the AR ad experience generating high engagement and interaction rates. 
  • The campaign delivered an average click-through rate of 0.66% versus the target CTR of 0.45%.
  • It delivered an average video completion rate of 81.21% versus the target of 70% VCR. 
  • Average dwell time for Acura RDX's Mobile AR was 110 seconds versus 90 seconds for automobile AR campaigns. 
  • When comparing campaign average dwell time (110 seconds) to average RM dwell time for auto campaigns (25 seconds, per Sizmek), Acura RDX's mobile AR campaign outperformed auto RM by 3.5 times.

Key Takeaways

  • Don't just tell potential buyers about your product, bring them inside it.
  • Make it easy for potential customers to learn more about your product, no matter where they are.
  • Sellers of luxury should make sure potential buyers can see the high quality as well as read about it.

This campaign won the Best Use of Mobile Rich Media category in MediaPost's 2019 Appy Awards.

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