MDC's Allison+Partners Introduces Corporate Consultancy Group

Allison+Partners (A+P) is launching Allison Advisory to expand the MDC Partners PR shop's "perception-management" services into business transformations, international expansion, and risk mitigation. 

Allison Advisory will be led by Matthew Della Croce, A+P Global President, Corporate + Europe and David Wolf, Managing Director of Allison+Partners’ Global China practice whose division will be rolled into the Allison Advisory offering. Wolf's new title will become managing director, Allison Advisory.

Allison Advisory staff will be based in A+P offices around the globe, and the initial team will be shifted from A+P. 

The shop  has several dozen staffers on Advisory work. "Our commitment is to deliver the best solutions available to our clients, so as needed we will draw from the full scope of resources available to us, including from across MDC," say Della Croce and Wolf. 



While A+P has been planning this decision "for some time." The launch is driven both by current client demand and a pipeline of new assignments. A+P has actually been providing Advisory-related services to clients for a number of years and the company is positioning the offering more within the agency, rather than a standalone separate division.

"Our goal is to help executives accelerate growth by optimizing the intersection of business goals, customer needs, regulatory environments and employee experience," says Wolf. 

Adds Della Croce: “Statistics show that nearly 75% of all significant enterprise transformations ultimately fail to achieve the desired return on investment. A core reason for the failure is that stakeholders aren’t embracing the change. This is where Allison Advisory can help."

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