Instagram Invites Advertisers To Place Branded Content In Users' Posts

Wading into new monetization models, Instagram is now inviting advertisers to promote creators’ branded content posts as feed ads.

The new initiative is being positioned as an opportunity for businesses to reach targeted audiences beyond those users who already follow them on Instagram.

Clearly, “creators” -- which were once more commonly referred to as "influencers" -- are responsible for a ton of activity on Instagram.

According to internal estimates, 68% of users say they come to Instagram in order to interact with creators.

Along with inspiring the scrutiny of regulators, however, the effort could add to a growing perception among some consumers that Instagram is becoming one big informercial.

In an attempt to pacify critics, Facebook says the new ads will be accompanied by the words “Paid partnership with” along with the brand paying for the ad.

In order to participate in the ad program, branded content creators will need to enable their business partners to promote their post as an ad.

From there, business partners should be able to see their posts on Ads Manager under “existing posts,” and then choose to run them as ads in the feeds or stories format.

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