Firm Claims It Was Cut Off From G Suite Data And Emails

A small business has filed suit against Google, saying it lost its G Suite Data

Musey Inc., of San Francisco, filed the claim on July 3 with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. It alleged that its G Suite account was “accidentally deleted” in June, and that the firm “had no access to emails and lost all contact with our clients and users.”

"Despite contact with Google service," the complaint states that no action was taken "for three days, and the company became “increasingly desperate.”

The company had “a shipment of vases going to Denmark that required timely communication that overnight was wiped out making it look very bad from our side.” The company alleges: “All efforts failed, and at the end we received a one-line email that stated our data were lost and couldn’t be returned to us.” 

The data includes private health information, it adds. 

Google has not yet filed a response with the court. However, Musey says the company was told it could pursue access to its IP and data via a “subpoena or civil request for our data.”

The company adds, “This s that effort here."

Musey is not seeking monetary damages, although it estimates that $1.5 million in financing from VC investors and family and friends went into the creation of its data. 



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