Microsoft Acquires BlueTalon Privacy, Governance Services

Microsoft on Monday announced the acquisition of BlueTalon, a data privacy and governance service that provides tools for auditing and accessing policies, as well as helps companies set policies on how their employees can access their data.

The company’s software can prevent people from accessing specific high-value data within a company.

The goal is to simplify the process of understanding how to collect, manage and protect data, eliminating data security blind spots and gain visibility and control it.

“Data privacy is one of the defining issues of our time, as evidenced by the introduction and evolution of privacy laws across the globe,” wrote Rohan Kymar, corporate vice president, Azure Data, in a blog post published Monday. “As technology becomes more ingrained in our lives and our work, it must be simple to understand and control what data is collected and easily manage who has access to that data and for what purpose.”



The BlueTalon team joins part of Microsoft’s Azure Data Governance group. The IP and talent acquired through BlueTalon will aid Microsoft in helping enterprises across industries to ensuring their data is centralized and governed properly.

Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired Citrus Data, a startup specializing in helping companies use the open-source PostgreSQL database.

“This acquisition is a huge force multiplier on BlueTalon’s mission to make data easily and safely accessible across the enterprise by providing high-quality data governance and compliance solutions,” Eric Tilenius, cofounder at BlueTalon, wrote in a blog post.

Tilenius cofounded the company with Pratik Verma in 2013. Verma raised seed capital to build a company from technology he created with his father, Rakesh Verma. Total funding came to $27.4 million, before Microsoft stepping in to acquire the company.

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