Royal Canin Encourages Veterinary Visits For Cats

According to a survey from Royal Canin, more than one in five (21%) cat owners said they take their cat to the vet only after it’s already showing signs of illness.

More than 36 million households own a cat in the United States, and only half of all cats regularly receive veterinary care. Compared to dogs, where nearly 80% receive annual care, there is a major gap.  

Most vet offices aren’t set up to provide a good experience for cats or their owners, which makes taking cats to the vet a very stressful experience. Almost half (47%) of people who own only cats said they would be more willing to take their cat to the vet’s office were it a less stressful process. 

Royal Canin is trying to encourage more veterinary visits by promoting “Take Your Cat to the Vet Day” on Aug. 22. The pet food company has enlisted actor Angela Kinsey to help get the word out about the event and to encourage more cat vet visits in general. 



The company also is renovating a clinic in New York, Park East Animal Clinic, based on recommendations from Dr. Natalie Marks, Royal Canin veterinarian spokesperson. Modifications to ease cat stress include adding shelves to the reception area so cats don’t have to be on the floor in their carriers with dogs (which stresses them) and creating cat-only exam rooms with pheromone infusers and bumpers on the doors (cats don’t like the sound of doors closing; they feel trapped).

Royal Canin is hosting a social contest where consumers can post a photo of their cat with #Cat2Vet and tag their vet to nominate the clinic to win a cat-enhanced makeover and enter themselves to win a year's supply of cat food from Royal Canin.

As part of its commitment to cat health, Royal Canin is partnering with The American Association of Feline PractitionersThe International Cat AssociationCATalyst Council and The Cat Fanciers' Association to help raise awareness about the importance of preventive veterinary care.

“Royal Canin is committed to making a better world for pets," Dr. Brent Mayabb, chief veterinary officer of Royal Canin USA, says in a release. "This campaign will inspire cat lovers to make feline health a priority. Regular visits to the veterinarian help ensure cats are healthy and happy for years to come.”

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