L-Soft Launches An Email List Interface

L-Soft is offering a new user interface that allows email list administrators and subscribers to manage lists via websites, email and blogs.

LISTSERV 17.0 runs like an app and can be used on any mobile device without having to launch an email client, the company says.

In addition, Users can “to switch between classic email list, forum and blog modes,” without having to integrate different systems, states Jani Kumpula, Senior Webmaster/User Interface Designer at L-Soft. 

The new tool also helps users keep up with email discussion forums that cover such topics as privacy.

According to L-Soft, list managers can use LISTSERV 17.0 to:

- Communicate with email groups, discussion forums, blogs, newsletters and announcements in a central hub

- Interact with LISTSERV sites, email lists and messages on any screen 

- Access shared knowledge with via list archives in different viewing formats — i.e., classic, forum and blog 

- Create newsletters and announcements, utilizing 75 customizable templates with the HTML newsletter builder 

- Build brand visibility with LISTSERV user interface.

Founded 25 years ago, L-Soft is an email list software and hosted cloud service provider. It contends that email is a vibrant channel.   

"For many years, it's been trendy to claim to be an 'email killer'. But have any companies succeeded, other than hype in the news headlines – Facebook, Google Wave, Slack?” asks Outi Tuomaala,  executive vice president at L-Soft.

Tuomaala answers, “Of course not.”



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