The Amazon Inventory

Havas Chicago's programmatic strategy team is unique in that it sits with media, social and search team to take a full-funnel approach to media buying. Amazon, said Sarah Koch, VP, Programmatic Strategy Director (above with microphone), is just one DSP.

"We have seen a shift from endemic advertisers selling on Amazon, and we're doing branding for those not selling on Amazon." In the full funnel, "we're looking at OTT channels, we're able to tie back if they've been exposed to OTT through Amazon Fire, or if they've made a conversion on

Last year, Havas had an advertiser targeting an aspirational customer, a younger Millennial, and so it was tapping into Fire TV as a complement to its linear and current OTT offering. It saw a 6% increase for purchase intent across its category," Koch said. Purchase intent was up 12%. "We put an Amazon pixel on the advertiser's site and refined its audience targeting. 

"We still have a search team handling e-commerce focus, programmatic working on mid to upper funnel, we do retargeting, unique sit alongside search team. Collaboration from pre planning to putting together media plan, execution. Holistically.

As far as mid- to upper-funnel tactics, Amazon is similar to other DSPs, she said. "One big selling point is being able to use their shopping data. We have to make sure we want to use that data, or tap into that OTT inventory.

"Attribution is challenging, especially when trying to tie back to other channels. More centralized reporting is important, especially if we're running OTT and it's an off-seller and we can't get that data back.

"From a video standpoint, we've been able to roll out the Amazon Fire TV across a majority of advertisers that we're working with in our Chicago office. We're trying to drive adaption in our [New York and L.A.] offices as well."

"If you are going to be running a brand study, make sure you connect with Amazon right away. Make sure you build enough time to get approval for questions from the client. That study would need to launch at the same time or before your media launches. Build in enough time for that when you're setting up those campaigns."

Others on the panel were moderator Mary Altonji, Senior Data Analyst, Good Apple; Jordan Berry, Senior Manager, Amazon Programmatic, Tinuiti, and Lyle Seebeck, Supervisor, Programmatic Investment, ForwardPMX. 

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