Puma Opens Pop-Up 'Endorphin Store'

Puma opened a pop-up store last week in a chic London neighborhood to introduce its new LQD Cell trainers. 

Called the Puma Endorphin Store, the one-day activation on Aug. 21  offered three interactive experiences aiming to naturally boost mental and physical health. Virtue, the creative agency by Vice, put the activation together in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood.

The Puma Endorphin Store prescribed one of three six-minute experience for guests according to their mood. 

One exercise aimed to alleviate stress with an immersive light, calming colors and ambient surround sound. A voice guided guests through breathing experiences and meditation.

The second experience focused on restoring inner balance and alleviating distraction. When the music began, guests were guided to step to a fast-paced, rhythmic exercise that made them use their whole body.



The third high-intensity interval training exercise aimed to help people understand how different music BPMs can help guide training and shake off lethargy.

The event aimed to change people's perception of fitness “from a tedious chore to a mood-enhancing and joyous experience,” says Jodie Sayer, Puma’s team head, performance marketing.

“By the end of their visit, guests will understand the importance of getting moving and releasing endorphins for their mental and physical wellness,” Sayer says in a release. 

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