Using VR Technology To Give Pitches An Extra Pop

Voxel Supply wants to help give client pitches an added dimension.

The startup is comprised of architectural designers, 3D specialists, technical directors, production managers and creative consultants who are based in downtown NYC.

With VR and 3D live scribing, they want to turn your brilliant idea — if you do say so yourself — into one that clients will perceive as a game changer.

Here’s what they did for one client — outdoor ad specialist Outfro nt Media. The company wanted to demonstrate all that it could do advertising-wise in the New York subway system — in stations and subways cars — in a pitch setting.

Using Oculus VR technology, Voxel created images portraying how ads would look in subway stations and on moving subway cars when viewed through an Oculus headset.

Jason Kuperman, Outfront’s Chief Product Experience Officer, was wowed by what the Voxel team came up with.

“I stood in an empty conference room, looked through an Oculus headset and saw exactly how the space would look down to the texture of the [OOH] furniture,” he said.

Voxel also creates designs and renderings for retail settings, pop-up stores, location-based entertainment and other experiential environments.




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