Relevant Messages And Price Drive Travel Bookings, Study Finds

Travelers want relevant messaging when deciding whether to book reservations with a brand they’ve never used before. And they want a good price, according to The Traveler’s Journey, a study by Yes Marketing.

On the messaging front, relevance is demanded by 40%. Running a distant second at 18% is desire that a brand’s messaging demonstrates value compared to the competition.

But watch out for your email frequency — 32% say travel & hospitality brands are emailing them too frequently, compared to 5% who say they don’t get enough emails. However, 41% also say they see too many display ads. 

Openness to more frequent emails may also depend on relevance.

“It’s likely that customers get email fatigue not because they don’t want to hear from your brand but because they receive repetitive or irrelevant messages,” the study states.

Consumers will also switch to a brand whose messages are unique or exciting (17%), one with messages that offer reviews or testimonials (12%), imparts trust (11%) or are delivered where the person wants to see them.

Allegiant, a discount airline, reminds frequent travelers from Cincinnati when there are cheap nonstop flights from the area, including links for each flight in the email, the study notes.

What drives reservations? The biggest single factor — specified by 58% — is price.

In contrast, 19% are driven by quality, 9% by available perks like free checked bags and room upgrades, 4% by ease of the booking process, 3% by a reputation for good customer service and 3% by logistical convenience. 

However, 18- to-21-year-olds and 22- to-37-year-olds are more likely to be swayed by perks than people in the 38-52 age range.

The study advises travel & hospitality brands to use acquisition models that can help them focus on prospects who are more likely to convert. Such models can help drive communications by email, direct mail, display and social, it notes.

Yes Marketing surveyed 1,000 travelers.


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